Current Grant Opportunities

Current Grant Opportunities

Posted on Fri, 20/12/2019 - 15:47
Current Grant Opportunities

There are a number of current grant opportunities for farms and rural businesses. See a list below.

If you would like to discuss any of these in more detail please contact us.  


Countryside Stewardship:

Water capital grant (max £10,000) – application window opens mid-February and closes July. Agreement start dates 1st January 2020.

2 year agreement

High priority areas only

Approval required by Natural England Catchment Sensitive Officer

Grant is for specific items (e.g. hard bases for livestock drinkers/feeders, outdoor concrete yard renewal, tracks, biobeds, slurry store covers) Grant amount is based on a set figure per item/area


Boundary and hedgerow restoration grant – application window opens mid-February and closes May. Agreement start dates at point of agreement offer.

               2 year agreement

               Non competitive so long as the criteria is met

Aimed to help restore existing boundaries (restoration, hedgerow laying/coppicing, planting hedgerow trees or gapping up)

Cannot be on land already in an environmental stewardship agreement so if already in mid-tier CSS or thinking about going into CSS best to include the boundary options within that agreement.


Mid-Tier Countryside Stewardship - application window opens mid-February and closes July. Agreement start dates 1st January 2020.

               5 year agreement

Two types of agreement on offer either – a wildlife offer (Arable/lowland grazing/mixed farming offers, non-competitive, must cover 3% land, but only 11 options to choose from and no capital items) or a bespoke competitive agreement which should target local priorities and can include unlimited capital items (i.e. no max of £10,000 as with the 2 year agreement).


Woodland Creation Grant - application window open all year round. Agreement start dates at point of agreement offer.

Agreement ends once the final capital claim is made, but capital items must remain installed for five years from the final payment. Agreement capped at £6,800 per hectare. Minimum area per application 3 hectares.

One off payments for trees and associated protection items. Funding to supply, plant, weed and protect young trees. Grant items eligible: tree planting, tree shelter, fencing, sheep netting, rabbit fencing, deer fencing, woodland gate

Items must be agreed with the Forestry Commission

Land entered into the woodland creation must not be used for agricultural activity including grazing for a period of 5 years

Land may continue to claim BPS


MORE Woods or MORE Hedges Woodland Trust: Applications now being submitted for planning in November 2020 to March 2021

Various options available:

Subsidised tree packs available from the Woodland Trust 20-420 tress from £41

Alternatively plant 500+ trees and receive funding of up to 100% of costs (competitive and a site visit required by the Woodlands Trust and a tree planting assessment)

MORE woods creation – create a new minimum area 0.5 hectare woodland and the Woodland Trust will design the woodland, create a bespoke species mix, supply the trees and tree protection and cover 75% of costs

MORE hedges – Woodland Trust will subsidise 75% of the cost of planting more than 100 metres of new hedging.


RDPE Growth Programme:

40% grant funding available for projects which support business development, food processing and rural tourism.

Competitive. Expression of interest required (deadline 16th February 2020).

Must qualify as a small rural business (fewer than 50 full time employees and turnover less than £8.5M)

Minimum grant £20,000 (i.e. minimum spend of £50,000)

Applications must meet at least two priorities; generate rural job creation (create at least 1 full time employee for every £30,000 grant funding), increase turnover, introduce new technology, create new market, access export markets 

Projects must be completed by September 2021

Example projects – farm diversification, investment in equipment,


Local Growth Hub:

Some counties have a local growth hub e.g. dorset growth hub

Dorset Small Growth Grants

Applicants need to demonstrate that they have traded successfully for at least 12 months and now have plans for a project that will facilitate business  growth. The Small Growth Grants scheme is inviting applications for projects of a value from £4,000 upwards and successful grant applications are provided 25% of eligible project costs.

Minimum grant amount is £1,000 and maximum is £5,000. For example, to receive a grant of £5,000 the total project cost will be at least £20,000. Eligible project costs include capital equipment, new premises works and fitting, new digital capability adoption, and outsourcing of expertise.

This is a competitive application process

The Small Growth Grant is currently open for a short period with completed applications to be submitted no later than Friday 31st January 2020, and the latest date for any resulting grant claims to be Friday 28th February 2020.



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