New hedgerow & Boundaries Grant

New hedgerow & Boundaries Grant

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This is a standalone capital grant available under Countryside Stewardship

Applicant deadline: 30 April 2018

Applications can be submitted online, by post or by email. (Online applications must be accompanied by a map and supporting documents by post or email).

Agents submitting applications on a client’s behalf must have relevant permissions.

Maximum of one application per round.

Maximum grant available: £10,000

Agreement length: 2 years


12 capital items are available:

Code                                               Capital Item                                                                                Payment Rate (£)

BN1                                                 Stone-faced bank repair                                                              £31/m

BN2                                                 Stone-faced bank restoration                                                     £86/m

BN4                                                 Earth bank restoration                                                                 £7/m

BN5                                                 Hedgerow laying                                                                           £9.40/m

BN6                                                 Hedgerow coppicing                                                                     £4/m

BN7                                                 Hedgerow gapping-up                                                                  £9.50/m

BN8                                                 Hedgerow supplement – Casting up                                           £3/m

BN10                                               Hedgerow supplement – top binding & staking                         £3.40/m

BN12                                               Stone wall restoration                                                                   £25/m

BN13                                               Stone wall supplement – top wiring                                             £3.60/m

BN14                                               Stone wall supplement – stone from quarry                               £44/m

TE1                                                  Planting standard hedgerow tree                                                 £8.80 per tree


No supplement can be applied for without its associated capital item as follows:

  • BN8 – can only be used on BN5 and BN6
  • BN10 – can only be used with BN5
  • BN13 – can only be used with BN12
  • BN14 – can only be used with BN12

The scheme is competitive and applications are scored, with the highest scoring applications being offered an agreement from July 2018. Acceptance of the agreement must be submitted within 20 working days.

Hedges score more highly than walls

Smaller farms delivering high intensity options will score higher

Applications of less than £1,000 will have points deduced due to higher administration costs vs environmental benefit

The grant cannot be used to create new farm boundaries or be used within the curtilage of the farm e.g. walls in a farmyard

Land cannot be included if it is subject to existing Mid-Tier/Higher Tier Countryside Stewardship or Higher-Level Stewardship. Entry Level Stewardship land parcels can be included.

Records should be retained for 7 years from the end of the agreement.

Applications must include dated photographic evidence of the boundary feature where work will take place. Photographic evidence must then be submitted with the claim showing the works completed. The ‘baseline’ and ‘works completed’ photographs must be taken from the same position. A supporting map must be included showing the location and the direction of the photograph taken.

Agreement holders can use own labour for carrying out capital works. They will need to prepare timesheets signed by the employee and employer showing the hourly rate, details of work and dates.

Claims are submitted online. Payments are made by the RPA.

Please contact the AKC Team if you are interested.

Tel: 01380 724687 email:

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