Small Grant Scheme Released & Waste Exemption Renewal

Small Grant Scheme Released & Waste Exemption Renewal

Posted on Thu, 11/07/2019 - 16:28
Small Grant Scheme Released & Waste Exemption Renewal

Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme - Round 2

A second round of the RDPE Countryside productivity small grant scheme has been released this week. Grants are available for between £3,000 and £12,000 for items identified to improve technical efficiency, animal health and welfare, resource efficiency and nutrient management.

Applications must be submitted before 3rd September

Items available include:

  • Mobile and fixed cattle handling systems
  • Badger proof feed troughs and lick holders
  • Auto cattle weighing and identifying equipment
  • Mobile and fixed sheep handling systems
  • Cameras for monitoring livestock
  • UV water treatment system
  • Robotic silage pusher/slurry pusher
  • CPS auto steer, yield monitoring, variable rate controllers

There is no need to obtain quotes, grant is made on 40% of a standard cost identified for each item. 

Please get in contact if you would like to discuss this more. 

Waste Exemptions are due for renewal 

Business waste exemptions registered in 2016 are now  due for renewal, as an exemption has a registration period of 3 years. It is important that if you wish to continue carrying out activities under the Waste Exemptions that your business  is registered with the Environment Agency .

Waste Exemption Categories

-          Using Waste

-          Treating Waste

-          Disposing of Waste

-          Storing of Waste

Types of Activities under Exemptions Categories 

-          Using Waste -  includes using road planings and rubble to construct a track 

-          Treating Waste - Horse manure and FYM limit of 20 tonnes 

-          Disposing of Waste - Spoil from ditches and ponds can be spread on the land

-          Storing of Waste - items include batteries and farm plastic      

We would be pleased to complete the registration on your behalf or assist and advise on the types of Exemptions you currently need.  If you would like AKC to complete your Waste Exemption registration for you then please contact us.        

Email:, or

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