Summer Update

Summer Update

Posted on Thu, 18/06/2020 - 15:36
Countryside Stewardship Field Margins

Key Dates & Environmental Schemes: 


Basic Payment Scheme Dates:

  • EFA Fallow retain until 30th June
  • Catch Crops establish by 20th August and retain until 14th October
  • Cover Crops establish by 1st Oct and retain until 15th January 


Countryside Stewardship: 

Mid -Tier

  • Wildlife and Nature, Pollinators, Water and Flooding, Woodland.
  • Mid-Tier Competitive online application packs available until 30th June
  • Application submission deadline 31st July
  • Competitive Scheme.
  • Includes Capital Items and Water Capital grants in targeted areas.

  Wildlife Offers

  •   Targeted options aimed to suit specific farming for example
  •   Arable,
  •   Lowland offers
  •   Mixed farming
  •   Non-Competitive
  •   Application deadline 31st July.
  •   Online Application
Countryside Stewardship


  Capital Grants  - Usually 2 year schemes 

  •   Woodland Creation – Competitive
  •   Woodland Management Plans – Non-Competitive
  •   Woodland Trees Health – Non-Competitive


ELMS Scheme – Environmental Land Management Scheme what do we know?

  • Government are targeting a high level uptake in ELM
  • Local level of prioritisation
  • ELMS has launched the tests and trials programmes in order to understand the issues faced by priority areas such as payment, advice and guidance.

Three tier design allowing land managers and landscapes to be grouped, it could look like the following;

Tier 1 – Incentivising environmentally sustainable farming and forestry

Tier 2 - Deliver locally environmental outcomes

Tier 3 – Delivering landscape scale land use change projects ambitious environmental commitments e.g. Zero Target.

In addition there is an idea for some simple options to chose from in forms of packages especially in tier 1, might be tailored to farm or land type.  Will all be tested through a national pilot.

They could have some of the following included

Tier 1

  1. Nutrient Management
  2. Pest Management
  3. Livestock
  4. Soils
  5. Field Margins
  6. Field Cover
  7. Water Storage

Tier 2

  1. Tree, Shrub Hedge Planting
  2. Habitat Creation/restoration
  3. Flood Management
  4. Species management
  5. Rights of way
  6. Education-services
  7. Heritage asset management

Tier 3

  1. Forest /woodland creation
  2. Peatland restoration
  3. Creation/restoration of coastal habitats


Some pilot schemes in 2022-2024

First ELMS to start 1st Jan 2025


Farm Recovery Fund

  • Covering the following regions after the flooding of 2019 ; Hereford, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Nottinghamshire.
  • Application closing date 31st July
  • Minimum Grant is £500 to Maximum £25,000

To qualify the following must apply;

  • Agricultural land must be cut off
  • The land no longer stock proof
  • Debris Left on the land
  • Damage to river banks

Only land that was impacted, items/activities that cost above £500, and not covered by insurance.

In some areas it will be flood maps are used in Gloucestershire it will be photographic evidence of land that flood defences breached.


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