Farming In Protected Landscapes Programme

Farming In Protected Landscapes Programme

Posted on Tue, 27/07/2021 - 10:34
Details of grant scheme if farming in a designated protected landscape

The scheme is open to all Farmers and Land Managers within an AONB, National Park or Broads. Also, it may be available to Farmers and Land Managers outside the Protected Landscape Areas if they can meet priority areas described below.  

The key areas for the programme are;

  • Climate
  • Nature
  • People
  • Paces


  • To help more carbon to be stored in the ground
  • Reduce Flood Risk
  • Landscapes more resilient to climate change pressures


  • A greater area of wildlife rich habitats
  • Greater connectivity between habitats
  • Better management of current habitats to maintain and enhance the biodiversity


  • More opportunities for people to explore and understand landscapes
  • Opportunities for diverse audiences of people to explore landscapes
  • Increase public participation In Landscapes i.e. Volunteering opportunities



  • Enhancing quality and Character of the Landscape
  • Protecting and enhancing historic structures
  • Nature Friendly sustainable Farm Businesses that contribute to the local economy



  • Could be up to 100% cost of the project as long as no financial gain to the business.



  • All applications will be scored as follows;
  • 40% for projects outcomes, Climate, Nature, People and Places
  • 20% Value for Money
  • 20% for sustainability of the project and the legacy it will leave
  • Applications over £5,000 will go to a Local Assessment Panel
  • Applications under £5,000 will be assessed by a senior member of the team

Application packs can be obtained from your local protected landscape body.

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